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Ricardo Vila Nova is a Hair Scientist with a DSc in Bio Physics and he is an international lecturer. Ricardo uses Hair Profiling by DNA Field Imaging to understand where health issues are sited within our bodies that may affect the metabolism of your hair. By this scientifically advanced method, Ricardo Vila Nova identifies factors that affect hair and can induce these factors to help with hair loss or scalp problems. Ricardo makes tailor made scalp care plans that can unlock genetic factors, malnutrition, hormonal unbalances as well as scalp pathologies or infections.

Hailed as a visionary in the field of hair medicine, Ricardo Vila Nova has spent 17 years researching the efficacy of non surgical and complementary medicine in collaboration with clinics and medical laboratorial institutions. As the creator of many hair treatments, Ricardo Vila Nova offers a solution focused on effective treatments in hair restoration using state of the art technology and working with highly experienced doctors to provide personalised formulations that will help recover and invigorate the life of the hair and scalp with visible differences from the first treatment.

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Hair DNA Scan Test

Ricardo will get to the root of your hair problems. The unique Hair DNA Scan allows Ricardo to discover and identify the primarily cause of hair changes. These can be genetic, nutritional, metabolic or related to the nervous system; or imbalances of the scalp such as bacterial infections, excess grease or dandruff, eczema and psoriasis. A full analysis will be provided and advice given for best next steps.

Cortex & Protein Reconstruction

Ricardo Vila Nova and the hair doctors advanced hair cortex and protein reconstruction is designed to treat the inner core of the hair as well as repairing the cuticular structure of the hair shaft. Your hair will feel thicker, bouncier and shinier in just one treatment. Please book a full consultation to get the best results from this unique service. Enquire below through the clinics.

Hair Laser Light Therapy

A new and completely painless FDA approved laser is used to prompt cell regeneration and boost blood flow to the scalp to stimulate greater and faster hair growth. A minimum course of 10 treatments is recommended. Clients are advised they can expect to see results after three months. Please book a full consultation to get the best results from this unique service.

Hair Restoration System

Ricardo Vila Nova creates a special formula that is used to treat hair loss, this can be commonly caused by genetics or illness. The medical grade formula is based on a high concentration of active ingredients that can be applied using the Mesohair, Dermaroller or Laser techniques. Please book a full Hair DNA Scan Test to get the best results from this unique service.

Dermaroller Stimulation

A super fine needle device is used to superficially distress the upper layer of the scalp. This increases blood flow, which stimulates cell regeneration and boosts collagen. A bespoke formula, rich in vitamins and minerals is then applied to the scalp which has increased absorption abilities. Within a month, hair will feel thicker and shinier, with greater resistance and vitality.

Non-Surgical Hair Re-growth

Infiltration techniques, using small painless needles are used to help reach the deeper levels of the scalp. This is used in areas where hair is not visible but still has roots and allows the hair follicles to reconstruct and reactivate hair production. A bespoke DNA formula is then used on the scalp as an ongoing aftercare treatment. Please book a full consultation to get the best results from this unique service.

Injectable Technology

A vitamin and mineral rich formula is injected into the top levels of the scalp. This allows for targeted and painless treatment on weak, under stimulated and vitamin starved hair. This treatment is recommended for clients who suffer from hair damage, lack of resistance, loss of density and hair growth.

Hyperhidrosis Scalp Treatment

Designed to work on the deeper levels of the scalp glands, this treatment helps rebalance an excess of grease or seborrhoea. It is an effective and long lasting procedure with visible results within one treatment. Clients are advised to repeat the procedure every six to eight months.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Ricardo Vila Nova will create a series of vitamin infiltrations that are used to boost the immune system for a period of 2 months. A sample of blood is taken from the patient and centrifuged for 15 minutes. The plasma is then re-injected into the scalp promoting a high concentration of growth factors affecting the cell matrix of the hair. Ricardo Vila Nova will analyse the results and may suggest further treatments.

Vitamin Hair Infusion Shot

The Vitamin Shot is a combination of B complex, Biotin and growth factors which is administered in the muscle (and is the same protocol as mentioned for the Infusion Drip, prior to PRP.) This service aims to reinforce the protein levels which are essential for strengthening and empowering growth. It is highly recommended for clients with low iron levels, lack of ferrite or tendency to anemia.

Vitamin Hair Infusion Drip

The Vitamin Drip is a combination of vitamins blended according to the blood levels and blood deficiencies of the client. It is concentrated with a high ammount of vitamins that will help regenerate the hair and promote growth factors. Ricardo Vila Nova will administer the vitamin drip is intravenously. The number of treatments may vary according to blood test result and the immune system.

Extra Vitamin Combinations

Ricardo Vila Nova can create extra combinations of the Vitamin Shots. Infusion Drips can be purchased after a diagnosis and recommendation from Ricardo Vila Nova. These can come in the following packages, a combination of one vitamin is £50, a combination of two vitamins is £90.00 and a combination of three vitamins is £130.00. Please make an enquiry for more details on what suits you.

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