Lustre & Strength

We perform a unique and pioneering Hair DNA Scan that allows us to garner insight into your unique needs, so that we can create a personalised plan to enroot lustre and strength to each follicle and every strand of hair. Simply sit back and relax while we indulge your hair and scalp - by way of bolstering formulas and treatments that enhance and maintain the luminosity and luxuriant nature of your hair.

Lustre and Strength Hair
Scalp Harmonisation treatment at 212.2 Ricardo Villa Nova Hair Doctors
Scalp Harmonisation

This ‘facial for your scalp’ tailored to your individual needs begins with a detoxing cleanse, followed by a deeply nourishing active-rich treatment mask, and massage to boost the transport of nutrients from root to tip.

Cuticle Repair

For damaged hair that needs repair, this treatment penetrates all three layers of the hair shaft, closes the cuticle and reconstructs the strands for a smooth, glossy finish.

Cuticle Repair Treatment 212.2 Ricardo Villa Nova Hair Doctors Clinic Hair Treatment
Hair Filler treatment at 212.2 Ricardo Villa Nova Hair Doctors
Hair Filler

For hair that has thinned over time, this treatment drenches hair strands in a blend of high-performance proteins that bind to the hair shaft, dramatically thickening your hair in the process.

Follicle Repair & Enhancement

Designed to be performed intradermally, these treatments get to work in the matrix cells of your hair, nurturing your follicles as well as the whole structure of your hair, from the medulla to the cuticle.

Follicle Repair and Enhancement treatment at 212.2 Ricardo Villa Nova Hair Doctors
Light Therapy treatment at 212.2 Ricardo Villa Nova Hair Doctors
Light Therapy

This relaxing and non-invasive light treatment uses regenerative low-level laser to target the scalp. Stimulating blood circulation and increasing collagen production, it also triggers repair mechanisms by enhancing cell growth making it ideal for treating hair loss conditions as well as maintaining strong healthy hair.