Restore & Rescue

To improve scalp health, aid hair growth and boost vitality, we use a science-first approach. This sees all initial appointments commencing with our unique Hair DNA Scan, enabling Vila Nova to analyse your hair at a microscopic level. From this a bespoke in-clinic treatment plan and tailored haircare regime are designed to revitalise and revive your hair and scalp.

Abstract photography of a hair


Hair DNA Scan

Using a strand of hair and a meticulous diagnostic technique, this method of DNA profiling provides insight into the neurological, nutritional, hormonal, environmental and genetic factors influencing the condition of your hair and scalp. 


Treatment Plan

Post your Hair DNA Scan and analysis you will be provided with a bespoke plan that cherry picks the best offerings from our innovative high-tech and revitalising treatments that target your scalp and your hair in equal measure.


Haircare Treatment

With the results of your Hair DNA Scan, we are able to formulate your personalised shampoo, mask and serum with high-performance ingredients that will deliver vitality and strength to your hair.


Based on your unique Hair DNA Scan results and bespoke treatment plan we offer a wide range of high-tech, unique and personalised restorative hair and scalp treatments.

Active Fusions

From shampoos and conditioners to hair masks and serums. Active Fusions personalised haircare contains an expertly blended medley of high-performance hair and scalp friendly actives – taking your hair to a whole new level of health and vitality at home.

Hyperidrosis Scalp Treatment

Targeting sweat glands found in the deepest layer of the scalp, this rebalancing treatment helps reduce excess sebum production. Results are visible after just one session, and to maintain balance the procedure should be repeated every six to eight weeks.

Follicle Jab

Designed to be performed intradermally, these treatments get to work in the matrix cells of your hair, nurturing your follicles as well as the whole structure of your hair, from the medulla to the cuticle.

Scalp Harmonisation

From dandruff, psoriasis, and dermatitis to excess sebum, this ‘facial’ for your stressed and sensitised scalp is tailored to your individual needs, to calm, soothe and heal.

Immune Support

Vitamin deficiencies in the blood are addressed with a curated blend of vitamins that can be administered through a drip or injected intravenously. Each personalised blend contains a high concentration of vitamins that promote growth factor proliferation to regenerate the hair.

Hair Stem Cell Transplant

Hair Stem Cell Transplantation is a revolutionary hair transplantation method based on decades of hair stem cell research. Less invasive than traditional methods, with a faster recovery time, this patented procedure leaves minimal scarring, creates a high hair density, and offers natural-looking results in both the transplanted and donor area.