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Famed trichologist, Ricardo Vila Nova, is known around the globe as ‘The Hair Whisperer’. An epithet he has earned after over a decade of successfully restoring the health and vitality of countless clients’ tresses. Having worked as a biochemist, Ricardo Vila Nova’s techniques are rooted in science rather than magic, but the results he achieves are nothing other than miraculous.

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His passion for trichology began in Paris, where he worked in research and development, creating high-tech formulas for some well-known cosmetics brands. While there, he discovered that the principles used to guide the development of the most effective skincare products and regimes, hold true for the skin on our scalps too.

This understanding of the science behind haircare, and the importance of treating your scalp as you would the skin on your face, has enabled Vila Nova to create an impressive line of products. Meanwhile his expertise has garnered the attention of Marie Claire UK, whom Ricardo now regularly collaborates with as a judge for their annual Hair Awards.

Recognising that scalp care can have a profound influence on how our hair looks, and feels, Vila Nova trained in the meticulous art of DNA profiling and is the only trichologist in the world to use this high-tech method. This unique technique allows Vila Nova to identify hormonal, nutritional, and even genetic imbalances that can influence the condition of your hair.

Debuting this service at the opening of his first clinic at Harrods, London, Vila Nova welcomed those not only in need of restorative treatments that coaxed back lost hair, but also those who wanted to youth boost their manes to possess beautifully shiny, soft, strong hair. Now, Vila Nova’s services are available in his two clinics, and a number of other locations worldwide. He also has a team who have trained under his watchful eye, and a plethora of bespoke methodologies, products and treatments.

“Our hair tells a story; scientifically it shares much about our health, while visually it can reveal parts of who we are as people. For centuries we have used our hair as a means of non-verbal communication, and this has solidified the intimate connection we have with it. For these reasons I’ve made it my mission to bridge the gap between beautification and medical necessity."

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Whether you’re looking to boost hair growth, rehydrate dry and brittle tresses to regain shine and strength, or maintain your already beautiful mane, appointments commence with the unique Hair DNA Scan, a cutting-edge method of DNA profiling.

This meticulous diagnostic technique provides surprising insights, revealing all the crucial elements that influence the condition of the hair and scalp. Armed with these results Vila Nova is able to create a targeted treatment plan to rebalance the scalp, kickstart growth, or simply youth boost your hair, taking it to new heights of health.

Consultations are available at our clinics around the world, and private ‘at-home’ consultations with Ricardo are also available upon request.

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