Active Fusions

From shampoos and conditioners to hair masks and serums. Active Fusions personalised haircare contains an expertly blended medley of high-performance hair and scalp friendly actives, to take your hair to a whole new level of health and vitality for you to use at home.

Ricardo creating active fusions

Personalisation at its best

Our ethos

Vila Nova believes that your hair and scalp should be cared for in much the same way as you would your skin – as doing so will positively impact the health and vitality of your hair long-term. However, what your hair and scalp need will vary depending on your age, health, diet, location, and much more. Therefore, analysing the DNA of your hair is paramount when creating a personalised haircare regime that feeds your hair with the actives it needs to be as healthy and lustrous as possible.

Our ingredients

An advocate for treating your scalp as you would you skin, Vila Nova became well known for this approach to hair care over a decade ago when he took up residence at Harrods. His passion for science-first haircare led him to develop a pioneering product line that uses the best and highest quality actives. Bathing the scalp and hair in peptides, probiotics, fatty acids, biocell collagen, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, B-Panthenol, keratin, and more. These high-performance ingredients take your hair to new heights of health and beauty, and are formulated to penetrate from cuticle to cortex effectively nourishing, repairing and enhancing each and every strand of hair from the inside out.


Having worked as a biochemist in Paris for several well-known and much-loved cosmetic brands, Vila Nova knows exactly what it takes to create haircare that transforms the look, feel and health of the scalp and hair. A revered trichologist, Vila Nova is also part of an esteemed panel of judges tasked at putting a host of haircare products through their paces for the annual Marie Claire UK Hair Awards. Spending weeks each year testing some of the best products on the market only serves to further enhance this world-renowned ‘hair whisperers’ expertise.