Everything you need to know about scalp microneedling and how it can boost hair health

The thought of willingly allowing someone to run needles across your skin might sound incredibly unappealing. However, percutaneous collagen induction therapy, aka microneedling, has so many benefits that once you get clued up on each and every one, you’ll likely be booking a session with Ricardo Vila Nova faster than you can say Ricardo Vila […]

Everything you need to know about PRP and how it can boost your hair health

The lines between medicine and aesthetics are well and truly blurred and nothing exemplifies this better than the use of growth factors. First discovered in 1953, the doctors responsible were awarded a Nobel Prize – giving growth factor treatments some major scientific credentials. Once reserved for injury repair, and to speed up post-surgery recovery times, […]

5 expert approved ways to help your hair grow

Whether you’re trying to grow out your hair or experiencing actual hair loss, there are a number of ways to improve the health of your mane to achieve longer, stronger, healthier tresses. “Normally our hair only grows up to half an inch at the most per month when it’s in its active growth phase,” shares […]

How to look after your hair if you wear hair extensions

Extensions are as popular as ever, but to avoid damage and hair loss you’d be wise to follow Ricardo Vila Nova’s expert tips. From wigs, hair pieces and clip-ins, to weaves, tapes, bonded extensions and more, there’s so many ways to enhance your tresses. And with the global hair extension market valued at $7.3 billion […]

Under the spotlight: exosomes explained

Everything you need to know about exosomes, the new active that’s taking the hair growth sector by storm. While ageing is a privilege, and over the centuries we’ve been lucky enough to live longer and longer, one thing many of us are in search of is the holy grail of youth-boosters that will slow down […]

Great hair starts with scalp care, five tips from Ricardo

If you want to get to the root of your hair concerns, or simply maintain a healthy mane, scalp care is more than a buzzy trend, it’s a lifelong habit you should start now. Although our scalps are simply an extension of our skin, it’s worth knowing that the skin here is thicker than the […]

Are you making these common hair care mistakes

Are you making these common hair care mistakes. Knowledge is power, so for your best hair yet take heed of Ricardo’s top six faux pas. From how you wash your hair and how often you wash it, to product and tool choices – when it comes to the health of your hair, bad habits can […]

Common causes of hair loss you’ve probably never heard of

From hormonal imbalances to vitamin deficiencies, Ricardo shares the common causes behind hair loss that you have never heard of. Hair loss as you well know is totally normal, we lose around 80-100 strands of hair a day. They fall out when our hair follicles are in a state of rest known as the telogen […]

Ricardo Vila Nova’s most coveted hair care ingredients

Ricardo shares his five favourite, most coveted hair care ingredients to boost hair growth and keep hair healthy.  With a plethora of ‘must try’ actives flooding our social media, and magazines – it’s hard to know what’s really worth trying and what’s simply an over-hyped craze. To save on time it’s best to refer to […]